The Entity Pandarve

"A micronation is an entity intended to replace, resemble, mock, or exist on equal footing with recognised independent state.
Some micronations are created with serious intent, while others exist as a hobby or stunt."

At present the libertairian entitity Pandarve has no bodies.

The Pandarve GeoCoins Project is brought to you by the Pandarve Micronation.

Geo-coins are trackable items that are hidden, their location vaguely announced on the Internet, to be found by seekers.

Geo-caching and Geo-coins

Coin 1
- Released on 01 April 2014, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.
This coin is not collectible.
Please either leave it where you found it or move it within a reasonable time frame to another hiding place.
Information about this coin can be found here:
To view a map of its whereabouts: Travel Bug Map

As of 23 January 2015 this is the trajectory the coin traveled

Where it all started for Coin 1: Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

"The Gallery shows a picture that was made very close to the spot where this coin was launched on April 1, 2014.

The spot relays to "Peace Night & Day" in various ways. The ocean is the North Atlantic, scene of U-boat vs convoy battles more up North during the major wars in the past century. Though peaceful by its natural beauty the ocean wind can whip up the waves before throwing them violently onto the land. Only a daring surfer dreams of taming those forces in that day!

On the edge of shore stand two tall grey and green wind generators providing the islanders the electricity to desalinate water and make it useful for human consumption. Peaceful energy created with a constant 'woesh' and beware o seagull for the dreadful wake!

Once Corralejo was not much more than a peaceful fishing town. Now only one mosque stands though nothing particular historical, and too many megalomania building projects stand unfinished, abandoned, since tourism got hit by the global recession. A street still mention generalissimo Franco, who overthrow the republican forces and plumbed with the help of Opus Dei Spain into decades of dark fascism.

"Peace Night & Day": every place loves to shine under the sun. Many places have known darkness."

The Mission assigned to this coin reads:  
To travel around the globe to sites that stand for or are brought into relation to "Peace Night & Day".

Initially five (5) coins with a common theme and destiny will be brought in circullation in different spots around the globe.
This coin (TB5VD81) is the first one to set out on its mission. All coins might one day be gathered.

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To view a map of its whereabouts: Travel Bug Map

Finders are encouraged to contemplete in their log on the theme "Peace Night & Day", by preference in relation to where the coin was found.
This could be poems, drawings, Wise Words, descriptions of feelings when encountering the environment, ...

Even so for those hiding the coin: by preference hide in a location that can relate to the theme of "Peace Night & Day".
This could include Wild Wave beaches, permanent peace vigils, abandoned nuclear shelters, post industrial terrains, palace gardens, ...

Enjoy the game - Love, Peace and Happiness.

About The Coin
Peace Night and Day - Black nickel with colourful psycotropic caleidoscopic composition of images of the Universe.

Discover without fear
The Entity of Pandarve subscribes to aims of the Radical Sailors Network
Roots of Change, The Sailing Initiative, helps to disperse the Pandarve geocoins.